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For further information or to contact the TCAG, please send an email to info@thurne.org.uk

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The Archive possesses three scrapbooks completed in 1965, 1985 and 2005. They provide a snapshot of day-to-day life in the village in these years.


Manorial Documents

In 2010 the Archive acquired the manorial documents dating back to 1720 together with the title of Lord of the Manor which is now held in Trust. The earliest records are in Latin. The transcription and translation of these documents is an ongoing project undertaken by the group.


Mapping Project

Our brief is to collect and collate historical information about the parishes of Thurne and Ashby with Oby in map form to create the following:

 a new stitched panel using maps as a basis for the design

 a computer based map of the parishes which reveals a timeline history

 a walking map of the village for visitors.


Churchyard Survey

An extensive survey of the churchyard has been completed. This built on one initiated in 1980 by the Thurne and Clippesby WI as part of a Norfolk-wide survey of churchyards. The grave stones have been recorded and photographed and the survey is held in digital and written form. To keep the record up to date this is a continuing project.

Pat and Sue

Stitching Project

The group completed a stitched panel (click here for image) reflecting wildlife and views of and around the village. The panel was finished in 2014 and now hangs in the Methodist Chapel.