Thurne Community Archive Group is an active organisation that was set up in 2005 to research and collect photographic, written and oral information about Thurne, Ashby and Oby, Norfolk, England.


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A party of twenty four, plus three dogs, met at St Benetís Abbey for a guided tour of the site. People had travelled there by various means; on foot, by car or by boat.† Their guide, Trish, a volunteer of the ĎFriends of St Benetís Abbeyí met them at the abbey gatehouse for the start of the tour.


The beginnings of St Benetís is poorly documented but it is thought 9th century hermits first lived on the site and later Benedictine monks aided by a grant from King Canute c.1020 were able to develop and expand it.

A more recent grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund has helped Norfolk Archaeological Trust, now stewards of St Benetís, to do important preservation work there and make the site more accessible for visitors.† A display board, depicting how the abbey site might have looked c.1536 is a very helpful asset for visitors to imagine it back then.† There is evidence that there would have been several buildings along the river edge. The Chequers public house which stood here on the river bank in the 1800s was thought to have possibly once been the abbotís private house.

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