Wild Flower Project 5

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Community Planting


 Transforming a community area by planting wild flowers.

The first planting area is in the north east corner of the playing field and is triangular in shape with an area of approximately 12.5 m2 (134 sq ft).


Preparation started in October 2015.


Jenny Davies took this picture on 14th March 2016 of the first native daffodil to emerge.


The second planting area is a 1 m wide strip of roadside verge over 20m long adjacent to the fence alongside the playing field.  The contractors responsible for cutting the grass have been involved from the start and have cut round the area (23rd March) planted with cultivated daffodils which should come into flower by mid-April.  Photograph #3 taken on 3 April by William Booth shows buds have already formed.



Help with the planting and ongoing care is most welcome from anyone in the Community.  Please contact Ann Lamb or send an email to the TCAG.



#2 First Native

Daffodil To Emerge

#3 Roadside

Planting Area